About Karin

Karin Feldman LMHC, CCBT, NCC,  is a New York State Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and Certified cognitive behavioral therapist.  She holds two graduate degrees in Psychology and Clinical Mental Health Counseling.  A seasoned mental health clinician, over the last 15 years,  Karin has specialized in treating children and adults experiencing various mental health conditions including persistent mood disorders, anxiety, trauma and addictions.

With extensive post-graduate training and experience, Karin also specializes in Women’s health, prenatal/postnatal difficulties, and fertility support. In particular, Karin helps women and couples cope with fertility challenges, pregnancy loss, and adjusting to newly acquired parenthood.

Throughout her clinical practice, Karin has treated diverse individuals and families in the Brooklyn community by specializing in individual, group and family therapy to help cope with and treat mental health issues, trauma, cognitive- impairment and adjustment difficulties. Karin’s clinical practice in Brooklyn and in Manhattan’s Parallax outpatient Treatment-Center also provides her with expertise in the assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation of addictions experienced by individuals dually burdened with mental health and substance abuse issues.

Parallel to providing psychotherapy, Karin has been actively involved in clinical research, and has coordinated two randomized controlled trials in collaboration with the Dartmouth University Psychiatric Research Center, over the last several years. With direct leadership from principal researchers, Karin is continually involved in evaluating the benefits of cognitive rehabilitation and its impact on the illness management and work outcomes in people with severe mental illness. Karin’s clinical research background also provides her with extensive experience in conducting diagnostic and neurocognitive assessments which she facilitates for persons with persistent mental health conditions.

Karin offers individually-tailored psychotherapy to help meet each client’s unique treatment needs. She is an avid believer that meaning can be found even in our most challenging obstacles and that in our journey toward change lie our growth and freedom to overcome.