Child & Adolescent Therapy

As a trained family therapist, I work with children, adolescents and families
experiencing a wide variety of psychological, behavioral, academic, and relational
problems. In a safe, comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I help children and teens utilize
their unique qualities and strengths to find solutions to problems, enhance their relationships,
build confidence, and develop a healthy sense of self.
Based on my training, I work from systems approach that involves the whole family in the healing process. I meet individually with the child or adolescent and also with the whole family to get a more complete understanding of the context of the problem.

Therapy is provided to children and adolescents who are experiencing difficulties coping with the following:

• relocation, separation or attachment difficulties
• anxiety; depression; stress management
• dealing with illness; grief or loss
• peer relationship difficulties; bullying victim
• self-esteem issues; social issues
• sports performance anxiety
• multicultural, spiritual or identity issue
• Divorce
• autism; aspergers disorder
• pervasive developmental disorder
• lack of focus; restlessness; hyperactivity
• poor academic achievement; learning disabilities

Because each child and teenager relies on unique strengths, I utilize an eclectic array of techniques to help children and adolescents in distress. My goal is to help each child use their unique strengths to find solutions to problems, enhance their relationships, build confidence and develop a healthy sense of self. I work closely with each child or adolescent to experience themselves positively and as such view the possibilies that lie ahead, instead of focusing on the limitations. I always find that when this is experienced, behavior, mood, social and academic functioning improve.

Some of the therapeutic modalities I use in child/adolescent therapy sessions are:

Cognitive behavioral therapy helps children and adolescents recognize their thought patterns and identify where and when those patterns help and where they hurt. Using problem solving strategies and skill building techniques the child/ adolescent, myself and the parent, work together to change dysfunctional thoughts and replace them with more proactive thoughts and behaviors.

Behavior therapy is a tool utilized with children and adolescents with ADHD/ADD who have executive dysfunctions and may present with hyperactivity, inattentiveness, trouble remembering things, oppositional behaviors, poor self-control, impulsivity or poor organization and planning abilities. These problem areas require specific behavioral interventions to help the child/adolescent learn the skills to cope with them. A positive reinforcement system may be implemented in home and school environments.

Play therapy is utilized in place of talk theapy with children who are young and/or struggle with verbal communication.
Play therapy is a technique whereby the child’s natural means of expression, namely play is
used as a therapeutic method to assist him/her in coping with emotional stress or trauma.