Infertility Counseling and Support for Individuals and Couples

Infertility therapy for Individuals & Couples

Infertility is often ranked as one of the most distressing life crises for women and couples experiencing it. Unpredictable challenges encountered throughout the process to conceive a child, may evoke overwhelming stress and feelings of loss, anger, guilt and sadness. Often, when the expected outcome of pregnancy is not achieved, women and couples struggle to cope on their own, a process that can become isolating and overwhelming.

My infertility support therapy sessions are tailored to support all aspects of the individual or couple’s fertility journey. I offer a safe space and empathic collaboration that are vital to maintaining one’s wellness throughout this challenging process. As I have personally combatted the unexpected journey of infertility, I personally understand the emotional, physical and relational impact of this process.

In My Private practice I work with individuals and couples who are:

  • Struggling to Family Build
  • Preparing for or currently undergoing Assisted-Reproductive treatment (IUI, IVF, etc.)
  • Experiencing unsuccessful fertility treatments
  • Experiencing/have experienced pregnancy loss/miscarriage/s
  • Carrying a high-risk pregnancy and/or multiples
  • Considering Third-party reproduction (egg/sperm/embryo)
  • Preparing for and beginning the Adoption process
  • Preparing for or have started the use of surrogacy

I support individuals and couples to recognize and utilize their intrinsic resources: emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual, to overcome their fertility issues and realize their dream of becoming a parent.

Once the actualization of parenthood arrives, I also work with individuals and couples to process and cope with adjusting to their new roles, the changing dynamic in their relationship, and the issues associated with new life as a parent.

For more Information, please see my Extensive Infertility, perinatal and Postpartum services website:

Egg Donor Receipient Assessment

For couples utilizing an Egg Donor as a means of family building , I facilitate the required comprehensive Psychological evaluation.

In an effort to support your emotional well-being and encourage hope, I facilitate Support Groups which are tailored to women struggling with infertility issues. Groups meet once weekly for a full hour, and are a forum for emotional support, education and hope. Group process is fully confidential.
The Women’s Infertility Support Group will offer you an opportunity to:
– Bond with other women facing Infertility challenges
 – Develop a Support network
 – Validate your emotional responses to this life crisis
– Gain helpful tools for coping with the emotional ups and downs of Infertility